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DUI Offenses

Have you been charged with a DUI? I can help. Our firm has experience you cannot get from a book!

I have been helping people charged with DUI, OUI, DWI, BUI (Boating), for over 30 years. Driving Under the Influence encompasses alcohol and drugs.

The legal alcohol limit in Florida is .08. Individuals that have provided a breath sample with a result of under .08 have been arrested. If there is no alcohol detected an officer may ask for a urine sample. This can occur with no evidence of alcohol or drug use!

It is imperative that you contact an attorney as quickly as possible. Our firm is able to use our knowledge and experience not only with the court system, but also with the DMV. The ramifications of a DUI arrest are far-reaching. This includes suspension of your right to drive, higher insurance costs and loss of a CDL. In the State of Florida driving is considered a "privilege". When an individual is arrested for a DUI, the DMV is notified immediately and a suspension is placed on your driver’s license. The DMV Administrative Review Offices must be contacted within 10 days of an arrest to either request a Formal Review hearing to set aside the suspension or waive the Formal Review hearing and receive a Hardship License (1st time arrest for DUI only). If it is determined, after reviewing an arrest report, we need a Formal Review hearing, we are able to attend the hearing on your behalf. A client’s presence is not required at this hearing.

A first DUI is a criminal misdemeanor offense. It is our goal to use our knowledge and familiarity with the court system to fight on your behalf. Defense of a DUI is very complicated. Police reports, procedures, videos, time frames, forms, are closely reviewed to defend a client to the fullest.

Additionally, we utilize the services of a DUI Expert Investigator. Our investigator has been qualified as an expert witness throughout the State of Florida. He has taught the Royal Canadian Mounted Police accident investigation. He has done so in Australia, as well.

I have been published in the area of DUI law six times!

All consults are free. Most individuals only have to attend Court one time when I am hired. That attendance would be the final hearing resolving the case.

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