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Citation and Traffic Crime Charges

Fighting a traffic citation in Court is not for the inexperienced individual driver. There are numerous rules and regulations, as well as the tactics we have developed over our thirty-two years of practice. This knowledge is utilized when attending your hearing.

Why is it important to fight traffic citations? Citations can have a serious impact upon your insurance ratings, costs, coverage etc. They have been used in credit reports. We recommend fighting citations. By hiring an attorney you will save money by removing the citation entirely or not having points assessed.

Most traffic tickets, or citations, are issued for traffic offenses which are civil in nature, they are not considered criminal charges. Traffic citations are issued by law enforcement agencies such as the Daytona Beach Police Department, Volusia County Beach Patrol, Volusia County Sheriff's Office, Port Orange Police Department, South Daytona Police Department, Holly Hill Police Department, Ormond Beach Police Department, New Smyrna Beach Police Department, Edgewater Police Department, Deland Police Department, Lake Helen Police Department, Orange City Police Department, Florida Highway Patrol, Flagler County Sheriff's Office, Bunnell Police Department and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Agency which patrols our waterways.

To fight these citations an attorney should be hired to attend a traffic hearing. The objective is to have the citation dismissed, or in the alternative to negotiate so the Court does not assess points to the client's driver license record. A high percentage of traffic hearings are attended by the attorney only, enabling the client to keep their regular schedule whether it be work, school or because they do not live in our jurisdiction.

Though citations are civil in nature, if not handled properly, an accumulation of points, for paying and/or receiving numerous citations at the same time, e.g. can result in a suspension of your driver's license, which is considered a crime if you drive while under the suspension is an arrestable offense. We can assist you in obtaining a work permit, or a hardship license, while a suspension is in place. Driving without a driver's license can be aggravated if it occurs three times in five years and then filed as a felony, punishable by prison. This area of the law can only be handled by an attorney that can work with you. A Public Defender cannot handle traffic hearings, nor can than they assist with licensing issues at the DMV. Certain citations require a court appearance. An attorney can help here, as well.

Common citations with points associated, that we see on a regular basis are:

Speeding 16 mph over the limit4 points
Speeding 15 mph or under the limit3 points
Speeding in a school zone3 points
Passing a stopped school bus4 points
Unlawful speed - less than minimum3 point
Leaving the scene of an accident - damage of at least $506 points
Driving recklessly4 points
A violation that causes an accident4 points
Failing to obey a traffic control signal or device4 points
Fail to yield/move over/stop for an emergency vehicle3 points
Following to closely3 points
Racing on highway4 points
Careless Driving3 points
Driving with an open container of alcohol3 points
Child restraint violation3 points

Fines are doubled when an infraction occurs within a school zone or construction zone.

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